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Registration Management


A well planned registration process is the first step for a successful event

Create your custom registration experience

  • Participation type (Hybrid, virtual or physical)
  • Custom questions (Organization type, areas of interest, meal preferences etc)
  • QR Code Checkin / Apple wallet pass
  • Invite-only event
Main features
Online Registration
Collect all the necessary information from your attendees during the registration to facilitate the organization of your event
Invitation only events
Are you organizing an invite-only event? Viventable handles the invitation process by sending personalized invitations to your guests
Participation types
Allow the participant to select how will participate at the event (Hybrid, Virtual or Physical). Customize his experience according to his preferences
Attendees types
Create types of attendees (High profile attendee, Presenter, simple attendee) and plan their event experience accordingly
Areas of interest
Allow the attendees to set their main areas of interest and personalize their participation
Collect personal preferences/info for each attendee
Country, meal preferences, allergies etc
QR Code Checkin / Apple wallet pass
Avoid long waiting lines at the entrance by providing a simple digitized process fully integrated with Apple wallet passes
Printed Participant Badge (PDF)
Design and print badges through our platform
Certificate of attendance
Attendees can print their own certificate of attendance

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